" Griffin’s stage experience started at 8 years of age "

Griffin Tucker

“You remind me of a young Paul McCartney.”Katy Perry

“Your level of talent is staggering. If this is what do at 15, I’m afraid of you.”Lionel Richie

How does a young rock artist crack today’s music code of formulaic beats & electronic music? 1st, he must have a disobedient spirit that can surpass an industry saturated by computerized music; next he must obtain enough cultural significance like rockers from the past & add in sincere, stirring passion. And Griffin’s “no excuses” rock act delivers it all! He doesn’t fall in line with what’s already out there. Instead, he’s created his own retro rock sound that his “GrifFANS” live for.

Griffin’s stage experience started at 8 years of age & has continued with a full cycle of alternating years learning to play each instrument of rock. And he’s played hundreds of shows: with Disney artist Zendaya, The House of Blues, The Granada, The Gas Monkey, Gilley’s, Lava Cantina, Westfield Presents London, just to name a few. He was also selected to be in the Beatles documentary, “Scream & Shout: 31 Days That Changed America Forever”.

At the age of 13, he won the Texas 10 under 20 Guitar contest at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. But make no mistake – he is equally equipped on drums, piano, bass, mandolin & ukulele. And he can sing! In 2016 & 2017, Griffin won 3 categories at London’s prestigious Fab Charts Awards for best male artist, best video & best song! He was also seen on THE VOICE. In 2018, Griffin was nominated for Indie Guitarist of the Year in London & won by a landslide. He also received 3 out of 3 nominations at the JOSIE Awards for Artist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year & Vocalist of the Year. Griffin was also asked to join the prestigious BROTHERHOOD of the GUITAR and represent Music Man Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings & Taylor Acoustic Guitars. That same year, he also scooped up FHR Radio Entertainment’s RISING STAR award for Male Artist & was nominated again by the Fab Charts, the Josie Awards, Radio WigWam Awards & Indie Star Radio Awards. Griffin was also nominated for the highest designation an artist can receive from the Texas State legislature, “Texas State Artist – State Musician”. Griffin also earned a GOLDEN TICKET to Hollywood on American Idol & received high praise from Katy Perry & Lionel Richie for his level of talent & musicianship.

The release of Griffin’s debut album, “Believe It”, gave the world their 1st taste of Griffin’s style of rock & roll – raw, retro & remarkable! From the powerful ballad “Some Kind of Love Song” to his rock anthem “Believe It”, every note that is sung and sound that is heard was performed by Griffin. And his promise to “KEEP ROCK ALIVE” continues with his latest single, “Lead Me”. Better check out all his music & join his GrifFAN Army today!!!

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