Grant Parker

Since before his birth, Grant Parker was immersed in the world of music, whether it was the symphonies of Beethoven and sonatas of Mozart that always filled the house, or the songs of James Taylor and Patsy Cline that escorted him to school each day. Before the age of three, Grant was already discovering the keys of the piano, and soon began formal instruction under the guidance of several masterful musicians, including Aleta Baligian-Heidt, a graduate from Julliard in New York. Until the age of sixteen, Grant aspired to be a touring classical pianist, performing in both concert and recital, and continuing to surprise his fellow schoolmates. It was only when a close friend took him to an AC/DC concert for the first time, that he fell in love with contemporary music, and of course, the guitar. Self-taught, with practices lasting as long as eight hours a day, Grant quickly earned the respect and praise of his esteemed mentors, and in no time, earned himself passage to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he currently attends on scholarship. Though Grant will often stumble to answer when one questions him of his favorite genres, there is no doubt his roots lay near the blues.